"Building layer upon layer of colour until finally, the complete image materialises"

Julie Graham

Julie’s silkscreen prints are inspired by nature near her home in Suffolk, to develop her ideas she uses photographs for reference, making sketches in pencil and ink, until she is satisfied that she has captured the character of the wildlife. Not trying to imitate nature, she concentrates on form, line and the design of the whole piece.

Frequently combining her screen prints with handmade and reclaimed papers, working with these elements she allows the papers surface to break through the ink, or some traces of text to appear. Commenting on her work she says: “I enjoy seeing how these details work in conjunction with my images, and how these complement the flat colours I use in the screen printing process

Currently working with printed materials and discarded screen prints – misprints, often a forgotten resource. She assembles these pieces, cutting up the prints to embellish her screen prints; these collage details, contrast beautifully with the strong forms she creates in her subjects.

silkscreen artist
Julie Graham Artist

previous exhibitions at the bell gallery

works previously at the bell gallery:

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Wild Silence

Screen Print on Paper
Framed 53cm x 73cm

Meadow Rest

Screen Print on Paper
Framed 73cm x 53cm

All Ears - Suffolk Hare

Screen Print on Paper
Framed 53cm x 73cm