"Changing attitudes in different surroundings"

Steven Carpenter

Steven has experimented with many art forms including stain glass fabrication, wood carving and graphite drawing. In recent years he has produced work in acrylics on different subject matters including portraiture.

Currently, Steven is concentrating on abstract art of geometric form. Each piece has a personal meaning that he wishes the viewer to interpret themselves. Reaching into his own imagination, Steven is always open to changing attitudes in different surroundings.

Steven Carpenter

previous exhibitions at the bell gallery

works at the bell gallery:

Negative Space

Acrylic on Canvas panel surrounded by
Acrylic on Wood, suspended in a deep frame.
45cm x 45cm

Riley's Moth

Pencil on Card
Framed with black mount.
53cm x 73cm


Acrylic on Wood
Mounted on Wood Panel
56cm x 37cm

Rotation of Static

Acrylic on Canvas
Framed 46cm x 36cm

Pandora's Box

Acrylic on Canvas
60cm x 42cm

The Holy Ghost

Acrylic on Canvas
35cm x 25cm

The Birth Of An Obelisk

Acrylic on Canvas
66cm x 30cm

There’s Nothing up there, Man

Pencil on Card
Framed 45cm x 54cm

Ziggy Goes To America

Acrylic on Canvas
50cm x 100cm

The Face Of God

Acrylic on Canvas
Framed 46cm x 63cm