HWAT Winter Show

Our latest exhibition is now set up and ready to view in the gallery from Monday 27th November, door opening at 10am.  We are delighted to be hosting the Harleston and Waveney Art Trail (HWAT) members for their winter show.

The Harleston & Waveney Art Trail (also known as HWAT) is a diverse and lively community of professional artists who live and work in the beautiful Waveney Valley, all within reach of Harleston, a small market town on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk. The Harleston & Waveney Art Trail has taken place every summer since 2004. Each year the artists open their studios and workshops for two or three consecutive weekends.

| Caryl Challis | Liz Taunt | Nell Close | Barbara Bernard | Paul Zawadski | Rosemary Elliott | Kath Wallace | Chris Mound | Rhonda Whitehead | Christina Greathead | Tim Summerson | Malcolm Cudmore | Noelle Francis | Valerie Lindsell | Rose Martin | Lisa Henshall | Gill Levin | Dianna McKenna | Sara Johnson | Ingrid Duffy | Dom Theobald | Carolyn Moulton | Isobel Auker | Rosie Andersen | John Ogden | Rachel Wiles | Nicci Deadman | Vicky Townley |

Exhibition No.12

HWAT Winter Show
27th November to 23rd December 2023


Old and New Traces

Our latest exhibition is themed “Old and New Traces” and showcases a wonderful selection of paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures from six talented artists. 

Featuring Hilary Barry, Lisa Graa Jensen, Melodie Cook, Pauline Fowler, Ros Bieber and Ruth Tabet.

Exhibition No.11

Old and New Traces
31st October to 25th November 2023

Form, Movement & Scapes

Our next exhibition is themed “Form, Movement & Scapes”; an Exhibition of Landscapes and Figurative Artworks featuring Lydia Darrah, Claire Kerrison, Lucy Perry, Philip Smith, Barry Croucher, Kate Green, Mary Gundry and John Dawkins.

Exhibition No.10

Form, Movement & Scapes
26th September to 21st October 2023

Women Artists from the Waveney Valley

Our latest exhibition is themed “Women Artists from the Waveney Valley” and features work from Hilary Bartholomew,  Jayne Gittins, Nicola Eastell and Sally Watson, exhibiting along with members of “The Waveney Nine”.

We are also delighted to have guest artist Jacqui Basset exhibiting in the gallery.

Exhibition No.9

Women Artists from the Waveney Valley
28th August to 23rd September 2023

Black Shuck & Friends

Our latest exhibition features selected artists from the Black Shuck Festival Open Call.  The Black Shuck Festival is hosted in Bungay from 3rd, 4th and 5th August, celebrating the folklore, myths and legends of East Anglia.

The legend of Black Shuck tells of a wild black dog that entered Bungay’s St Mary’s Church during a violent storm on 4 August 1577. The animal then reappeared at Blythburgh church, where the beast was trapped and its claw marks, burned into the surface of the door, can be seen to this day.

Exhibition No.8

Black Shuck & Friends
1st to 19th August 2023


Our latest exhibition is a gallery curated selection of eight local artists with the theme of “Connections”.  We have a wonderful selection of works in many different media, with 3D abstract sculpture, glassware and raku ceramics, connecting beautifully with artwork in oils, watercolour and acrylics. We hope to see you soon! 

Featuring: Helen Bartholomew, Becky Munting, David Flower, Mark Purllant, Ruth Simpson, John Shave, Kate Walker and Rob Wickens.

Exhibition No.7

27th June to 22nd July 2023

The Suffolk Group - 31st Annual Exhibition

We are delighted to welcome members and guests of The Suffolk Group to our gallery for their 31st Annual Exhibition. With the work of 17 local artists all setup and ready to view in the gallery featuring a wonderful mix of paintings, linocuts, prints, woodcuts, collages, sculptures and forgings! We hope to see you soon! 

Exhibition No.6

The Suffolk Group
31st Annual Exhibition
30th May to 24th June 2023

Clare Bailey

painter / printmaker

Judith Foster

painter / printmaker

Pris Forrest

painter / printmaker

Graham Giles

landscape painter

Julie Giles

landscape painter

Jazz Green

abstract artist

Lindsay Harris

abstract artist

Claire Lambert

painter / printmaker

Jude Lockie


Diana Marsden


Malcolm Moseley

maker of drawings & paintings

Elaine Nason

figurative painter / printmaker

Kate Reynolds


Marisa Sharp

painter / printmaker

Wendy Sinclair

painter of flowers in context

Ruth Finn

artist & painter

Tobias Ford


Spring Collection

We have seven artists in the gallery for our May 2023 exhibition titled “Spring Collection”  in anticipation of some nicer weather to come!  With a lovely variety of 3D and 2D work on display in the gallery, starting on Tuesday 2nd May, we hope to see you soon! 

Exhibition No.5

Spring Collection
2nd May to 27th May 2023

Along the Waveney

Our latest exhibition is a gallery curated selection of thirteen local artists with the theme of “Along the Waveney”.  We have a lovely selection of works in many different media, lino-cut prints, wirework & bronze resin sculptures, paintings in oils and watercolours, and much more. We hope to see you soon! 

Exhibition No.4

Along the Waveney
4th to 22nd April 2023

Light and Life

Our latest exhibition, light and life starts on Monday 6th March 2023, featuring some fabulous works from six more talented local artists.  With an eclectic array of styles and subjects on display, all linked with the theme of “light and life” we hope you enjoy the exhibition over the coming four weeks!

Exhibition No.3

Light and Life
6th March to 1st April 2023

Exploration in Line and Colour

We are delighted to welcome six more talented local artists to the second exhibition at the bell gallery.  We have changed the space since the first exhibition to create some booths with extra hanging for the artists.  With lots of new and exciting things on display, we hope to see you soon!

Exhibition No.2

Exploration in Line and Colour
7th February to 23rd March2023

Louise Bird

mezzotint printmaker

Steven Carpenter

abstract artist

David Howe

abstract artist

Julie Graham

silkscreen artist

Sara Johnson

landscape painter

Caroline Mackintosh

semi-abstract artist