The Suffolk Group - 31st Annual Exhibition

We are delighted to welcome members and guests of The Suffolk Group to our gallery for their 31st Annual Exhibition. With the work of 17 Suffolk artists all setup and ready to view in the gallery featuring a wonderful mix of paintings, linocuts, prints, woodcuts, collages, sculptures and forgings! We hope to see you soon!

The Suffolk Group was formed in 1990 by a small group of art school lecturers and other artists.  Its aims – which still apply today – were to put on exhibitions of a high standard and to provide opportunities for mutual support.

The group’s size is maintained at around twenty, with new members judiciously selected to sustain its values and a balanced range of contemporary work.

Group preview Saturday 3rd June from 12pm
Gallery open evening Thursday 8th June from 5pm

Exhibition No.6

The Suffolk Group
31st Annual Exhibition
30th May to 24th June 2023

The Suffolk Group

Clare Bailey

painter / printmaker

Judith Foster

painter / printmaker

Pris Forrest

painter / printmaker

Graham Giles

landscape painter

Julie Giles

landscape painter

Jazz Green

abstract artist

Lindsay Harris

abstract artist

Claire Lambert

painter / printmaker

Jude Lockie


Diana Marsden


Malcolm Moseley

maker of drawings & paintings

Elaine Nason

figurative painter / printmaker

Kate Reynolds


Marisa Sharp

painter / printmaker

Wendy Sinclair

painter of flowers in context

Ruth Finn

artist & painter

Tobias Ford